Friday, June 20, 2008

Marbled Chocolate Mousse

Category: Sweets/Desserts / Mousses
100g/4oz plain chocolate
4Tbsp brandy
50g/2oz unsalted butter
100g/4oz white chocolate
150ml/ 1/4pint double cream

1.Break up plain chocolate & place with half of the brandy & half the butter in a bowl over simmering water.Turn off heat & leave until melted.Repeat with white chocolate,remaining brandy & butter.
2.Stir one egg yolk into each bowl of mixture.Place the whites in a clean,grease-free bowl & whisk until they are stiff. Whip the double cream in a separate bowl until it's lightly peaking.
3.Divide the whipped cream between the chocolate mixtures & carefully fold in,using a metal spoon.Divide the egg whites between the two bowls & fold in gently,taking care to keep in all the air.
4.Place a teaspoonful of dark mousse in each serving glass.Fill with alternating spoonfuls of light & dark mousse.Tap the gladdes gentlyon the surface to get rid of any air pockets as you go.
5.To marblethe mousses,push a fine-handled teaspoon into each glass.With the tip of the spoon touching the inside of the glass,gently swirl mousses together to achieve a marbled finish.Chill
Serves 4

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