Thursday, January 11, 2007


For one large mould of cream, use half a package of gelatine, one gill of milk, two

quarts of whipped cream, one gill of sugar, and two and a half ounces of Walter Baker

& Co.'s Chocolate.

Soak the gelatine in cold water for two hours. Whip and drain the cream, scrape the

chocolate, and put the milk on to boil.

Put the chocolate, two tablespoonfuls of sugar and one of hot water in a small

saucepan, and stir on a hot fire until smooth and glossy. Stir this into the hot milk.

Now add the soaked gelatine and the remainder of the sugar. Strain this mixture into

a basin that will hold two quarts or more. Place the basin in a pan of ice-water, and

stir until cold, when it will begin to thicken.

Instantly begin to stir in the whipped cream, adding half the amount at first. When all

the cream has been added, dip the mould in cold water and turn the cream into it.

Place in the ice-chest for an hour or more. At serving-time dip the mould in tepid water.

See that the cream will come from the sides of the mould, and turn out on a flat dish.

Serve with whipped cream.


Soak a box of gelatine in half a pint of cold water for two hours. Put one quart of

milk in the double-boiler, and place on the fire. Shave two ounces of Walter Baker

& Co.'s Premium No. 1 Chocolate, and put it in a small pan with four tablespoonfuls

of sugar and two of boiling water.

Stir over a hot fire until smooth and glossy, and then stir into the hot milk. Beat the

yolks of five eggs with half a cupful of sugar. Add to the gelatine, and stir the mixture

into the hot milk.

Cook three minutes longer, stirring all the while. On taking from the fire, add two

teaspoonfuls of vanilla and half a saltspoonful of salt.

Strain, and pour into moulds that have been rinsed in cold water. Set away to

harden, and serve with sugar and cream.

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